Ask any person who owns a portable air conditioning system and they’ll all agree, these systems save you big money on energy consumption.

Most manufactures will tell you their busiest day of sales is the 1st hot day of the season. This is ways companies are obsessed with making their units more energy efficient than their competitors.

Before you consider purchasing an AC units, take a look at our tips. Remember that you’d purchase a portable system based on the size of the area you wish to cool.

If you pick a model that does not have sufficient energy to work effectively in a given room, you’ll be wasting money as the system works overtime to vent hot air and give adequate cooling.

Never the less, in comparison to other cooling choices, such as window mounted Air conditioner units and portable units, central air are for the most part, less energy effective in general.

That’s just an inherent part of the look of the portable unit. But if it is transportability that you are looking for, then you might consider the convenience of a portable system worth those additional energy costs!

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