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Facebook Page Followers 1000 Social Media Marketing. A Facebook page follower usually refers to an online-based place where thousands of people can view a post at once.



Buy Facebook Page Followers Best Panel

Aside from major companies and brands (long-established Maisons like Louis Vuitton and Apple), when it comes to companies that have just started a business, there are always barriers to encounter while conducting SMM marketing. It is “how to increase Facebook Page Followers = how to raise name recognition as soon as possible”.

Previously I, in How to identify fake influencers in-Star grams wrote an article about. A fake influencer is a person who increases Followers with money and behaves as if he were an influencer, but if this method is actually applied to the company, what is the marketing process? I considered whether there is such a risk.

The content is a little blacker than usual, but I would appreciate it if you could keep up with me until the end.

How to purchase SMM Facebook Page Followers

Buying Followers on social media is actually very easy and not very expensive. Here, we will introduce two main purchasing methods.

Purchase from a professional vendor

Well, there are specialized vendors! ?? Everyone who thought! There is! And not a few. With the changing times, new professions such as Youtuber and Instagrammers are emerging, so it’s no wonder that follower vendors appear. If you search for “follower sales (English is overwhelmingly larger in market, so it will be a search hit. Purchase Facebook Page Followers, or Purchase subscribers)”, you will find various results.

However, when you hear about a follower seller on SMM, where does it smell dangerous? In fact, if you look at various sites, there are companies full of strange Japanese that seem to be run by suspicious foreigners.

First of all, I will introduce USA vendors!

This time, I would like to introduce “Twitters” operated by Imedia Co., Ltd., which has been featured in major media such as Nikkei newspaper and TV Asahi (it seems to be the safest, so I chose it. I did).

As the name suggests, this Twitter mainly sells Twitter Facebook Page Followers, accounts, and replies.

And it is not only food that domestic products are expensive, but it seems that foreigners are also cheaper to sell Followers.

Also, it seems that it sells not only Twitter but also Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok views, subscribers, and high ratings.

It seems that it has the highest market share in the industry for two consecutive years, and it is good to see that it sells high-quality  Followers.

How to purchase overseas Facebook Page Followers

As mentioned above, if you search for “Buy Followers” or “Purchase Followers” on Google etc., various operating companies are introduced.

4ouryou allows you to buy Instagram Followers in 100, 500, 1,000 packages, or at custom rates. You can start at a low price and increase the rate of increase over time, so you can pretend that “only organic has increased your Followers.” See also the price, it’s a little over 300 yen for 100 Followers.

When I tried searching like this, Followers appeared as products one after another in the search results. I’ve used Yahoo Auction before, but I was surprised because I didn’t think it was sold to SMM Followers (laughs).

How to buy “real” Followers

How to buy real Instagram Followers? Many sites that recommend buying Facebook Page Followers say that if you want to buy real Instagram Followers, it’s okay to check that the service you’re buying follows the best practices described below.

Here is it.

  • SSL secure website
  • Do you drip Followers
  • Real customer reviews
  • Follower assurance
  • Responsible support team

But the bottom line is that Statusbrew never recommends buying Followers.

Risks in purchasing Facebook Page Followers

By the way, I think you have some idea of ​​the actual situation of follower sales. From here, I will explain the risks of actually purchasing Followers.

It is a violation of the rules in the first place

Twitter and Instagram, which are operated by a system called Followers, actually prohibit the sale of Followers and “likes” by the official rules.

Regarding Instagram, there is no clear rule as to whether “purchase” is a violation, but Twitter also prohibits purchases, so measures such as account freeze may be taken when the management side is exposed.

If a company’s account is frozen, not only will it not be possible to carry out marketing activities, but it will also lose the trust of users, so it can be said that it is a fairly high risk.

Very likely to be an Instagram SMM Panel

Instagram bots are everywhere in recent years. Of course, I can’t figure out how the above companies are actually shaping Followers, but some companies automate the creation of bots and sell them as Followers. In some cases, they may steal images or names to impersonate real people.

Depending on the service, these dummy accounts are automated to share content and like, and may look like good Facebook Page Followers for organic engagement. Some are programmed to create content (such as stories and feed posts). However, because you are not a real person, the follow-to-follower ratio is never organic. As a result, the engagement they generate has little positive impact on your account.

Moreover, SMM Panel Followers do not actually communicate with each other about the brand like friends and family. Because they don’t really exist.

The engagement rate is low and may not be trusted

Accounts with a large number of fake Followers may have unnatural posts. For example, you have more than 10,000 Followers, but you have few likes or comments on your posts. A popular account, which usually has a lot of Followers, should have a lot of people reacting to the post.

In other words , the engagement rate is low for the number of Followers, which is exactly like a fake influencer.

Even if you look at such an account, it is highly likely that other users will not trust it in the first place, and as a result, you may end up with an account surrounded by big boys who just keep advertising to fake Facebook Page Followers. If that happens, the time you spend running your account is wasted.

Of course, some vendors sell Followers who even engage, but most of them are bots, which can lead to very unnatural engagement with posts.

Either way, it doesn’t really increase engagement.

Only inactive accounts (Facebook Page Followers)

As mentioned: Not all fake Followers are bots. Some companies use real accounts to sell their Facebook Page Followers.

In this case, the account is managed by a user whose sole purpose is to be followed, or it is created with the sole purpose of providing this service. These Followers may initially show engagement, but when your account goes dormant, it will eventually reduce your Instagram account’s performance metrics.

After all, if their account was created just to meet the sponsor’s request, the real person behind the account could read, view, and touch the content (likes). There is no reason to buy a product or service that is being advertised (share).

Without such engagements and conversions, the number of Followers just swells, so it’s not worth the organic Followers.

In addition to buying Followers directly, you can use the more premium plans of the paid services introduced above to use other accounts depending on your preferences (location, hashtag usage, account type, gender). It is true that you can follow up strategically.

With such an option, the follower is more likely to be a real person, but less likely to get engaged. It’s a risky investment because we can’t guarantee that the accounts you follow will follow you back.

Far from essential marketing

In the first place, when you purchase a large number of Followers, the people who send information become fake Followers. Even if you post content, only Dekubo will see it.

Originally, SMM marketing aims to eventually become a customer of the company by sending useful information or intriguing content to the target of the company.

Will they continue to inform fake Followers and become customers of your company? If such a dream-like story is true, you should stop the steady operation of SMM and buy a lot of Facebook Page Followers right now, but the world is not so good.

If you really want to market, you should deliver your content to real-life target people, and buying Followers for money is a waste of time and effort.

Find useful Followers and fans!

It’s not a feature that exposes fake Followers, but Statusbrew allows you to find out more about active users.

Statusbrew values ​​”engagement” more than “number of Facebook Page Followers”.

We at Statusbrew often recommend analyzing ” audience (including Followers) activity ” as one of the most important indicators.

Is your audience (including Followers) really your fan? Or is it an empty user (ghost account)?

Are you a follower who is still an ongoing fan of your brand? Are you interacting with me?

With the advanced analysis function of the web browser version, you can create a dashboard called Profile Performance. You can see the activity of your Facebook Page Followers on your Instagram or Twitter account by combining various indicators and dimensions.

The balance between reach and impressions of real content, the growth of Followers in it, and the balance between the actual active time of Followers and the growth of engagement can all be obtained with this report analysis function. ..

How to do social media marketing without buying Followers

I think you shouldn’t buy Followers. It may seem effective in the short term, but it is a high-risk, low-return approach in the long run.

It will take some time, but I think it’s better to gradually increase the number of true Followers.

Review posted content> Categorize

Have you repeatedly posted similar content to the dark clouds? Do you categorize your posts and make plans every time?

“Categorizing content” means sorting out how to book content based on time frame, platform, and content type.

Statusbrew recommends a method of “posting categorized content in a well-balanced manner, analyzing it without opening a blank period”. Details are explained in the above blog.

I want maximum engagement! Thoroughly review the posting time zone

This is because the characteristics of the algorithm have a lot to do with Instagram. After all, it’s very important how much engagement you get within an hour of your post being published. This is because Instagram is designed to initially display to some of the most active Facebook Page Followers around you. Then, based on the interaction they generate for about an hour, the algorithm decides how many more people should see it.

Therefore, it is important to find the “golden hour”.

Statusbrew finds the “best time” and provides tools to keep you engaged.