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Facebook Page Likes How to increase – Strategy and Efficiency

For those who are worried that the number of followers on the Facebook Page Likes will not increase.

This article may be a clue to the solution.

Don’t follow the numbers at the beginning!

In this two-day delivery, we told Facebook Page operators how to increase followers and streamline their work.

(The link below is a video of the youtube transmission power improvement committee)

The reason why I decided to make this call is that I sometimes think that the purpose is to increase the number of followers, which is not essential.

It doesn’t make much sense for someone who isn’t interested in what you’re sending to become a follower.

If you follow this idea, you can steadily increase the number of followers, though not all at once.

You can understand the details by watching the video, but it will take about 16 minutes in total, so I will summarize the main points below.

Facebook Page How to increase likes (strategy) In a nutshell, the strategy Increase the number of followers who are interested in the information you send about it.

Previously, I saw a technique of following on Twitter and aiming for follow-back.

I thought, I desperately followed various people, and the number of followers increased sharply.

But that was also temporary.

When I noticed it, I wasn’t unfollowed, and I didn’t get more likes or retweets.

It’s just a lot of apparent followers. (The number of followers is still decreasing little by little)

The Facebook Page I’ll introduce this time is similar to follow-back, but it’s essentially different.

The procedure is as follows.

  • Search for a group where people who are interested in your post and have similar attributes gather
  • Join the group with a Facebook Page account (not an individual account)
  • Post to a group with a Facebook Page account
  • Press Like Invite people to Facebook Page

What is the difference from the follow-back policy for information for those who are interested in posting? It is a point to urge.

You can understand that it is different from just follow-back because you belong to a group with similar attributes and you like the post.

From my skin sensation, 20-30% of those who like it follow me.

Also, invite them on the same day if possible.

  • Facebook Page Likes How to increase likes (efficiency)
  • Next is the efficiency improvement edition.
  • The point to improve efficiency is
  • Reduce time for group search is.
  • The procedure is as follows.

List the groups where people who are likely to be interested in the content of the transmission gather

Create a list in Excel

Right-click the cell of each group name to create a hyperlink → Paste the link of the corresponding Facebook group

This saves you the trouble of searching for a group each time you post, and you can jump to the posting screen immediately.

After posting on your Facebook page Likes, search for a group in Excel.

I’ll modify the previous post a little and post it.

I feel like.

Even if you don’t change the text significantly, you can reduce the time to think about the text by diverting it.

Don’t be swayed by the numbers, make a meaningful transmission activity!

This method is not a magical technique that dramatically increases followers.

Rather, it is a strategy that steadily accumulates soil strength.

However, by repeating this for a year, I have increased the number of followers by 555 and enjoy exchanging comments.

We hope that you will use it as a reference for meaningful dissemination activities.

If you want to check the contents in a little more detail, please refer to the following video.

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