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Facebook Post Comment 100 Social Media Marketing. We provide you quality Facebook Post comments. As Facebook is a popular social media marketplace.



Substatus Marketing now allows you to buy comments on Facebook posts. These are real Japanese comments. Of course, you can also add “Like”.

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Increase your edge rank with Facebook comments

Facebook comments naturally exist as a feature of Facebook. Many of the community manager, sometimes you may want to turn them off, comments are part are basic functions to buy Facebook comments , Facebook is taken up with other people and communication, thinking Ya It’s the perfect platform for exchanging ideas Buy Facebook Comments . It makes sense to buy Facebook comments to start a lively discussion. Of course, it can be unpleasant if so-called vandalism is spread on Facebook pages . However, this can be controlled by managing the page well and following so-called netiquette . Buy Facebook comments .

Can I buy Facebook comments?

On the other hand, it’s important to have as many comments as possible, not to mention allowing comments. This can be especially difficult when you first post on Facebook. Again, Facebook comments are so competitive that they may be overlooked and ignored. Especially on corporate Facebook pages. Buy Facebook Comments Now.

How to increase Facebook comments

In general, fan pages can receive significantly more comments than private accounts, because of course people who are interested in a particular topic often make comments. However, not all social media marketing professionals know that not all followers on a page make consistent comments. Posts are often simply read and then personally commented or shared directly with friends and acquaintances. However, comments are very important, especially for companies with fan pages and freelancers, as Facebook gives them different weights than regular personal accounts. So, if the number of comments is reduced, you will realize the negative effect at a fairly early stage. Sporadic “likes” and “comments” are fatal for a business account.

How to increase Facebook comments

In order for your site to leave comments, you need to provide quality content on a regular basis. Reports on new products and services. You can also generate enthusiasm and comments from your followers by communicating business milestones. You can also ask for comments and opinions directly on your posts to encourage interaction. Special promotions that allow you to comment and share posts and select winners from people with similar posts can also help increase your activity on your site.

Of course, it is important to respond to comments as much as possible, including positive and negative ones. In this way, visitors know that you take their opinions seriously and really want to communicate with them.

But you have to make sure you buy real Facebook comments.

Why are there no comments?

Young people tend to make only short comments, often just interacting with friends. The corresponding topic is then commented, usually personally via WhatsApp group chat.

Middle-aged and older people are more likely to not only give comments and opinions, but also actively discuss with others. Often given sources and citations, the sentences expressed are very elaborate. Older people have more personal comments. We are happy to share examples and experiences in our personal lives.

This is a simplification, and of course there are exceptions, but in reality this trend is observed.

It’s important to know your target group and be able to evaluate how they behave in terms of Facebook comments. That way, you can develop a good strategy, communicate well with your target group, and encourage comments.

Purchasing Facebook post like, comments, especially for businesses, is a great way to get your fan pages up and running. Don’t forget to communicate with your community and experiment with different topics and posting options. It is also very helpful to buy Facebook likes .

What are the benefits of purchasing Facebook comments?

Also, if you want to buy Facebook comments and increase the activity of your Facebook page, it’s a good idea to choose a reputable partner like Galaxy Marketing. We will give you advice based on our abundant sales experience.

Privacy is very important to us and your data is 100% secure. Facebook Comments No one knows that buying has helped your business. You are not alone in using our successful and convenient strategy.

If you have any questions about Facebook Views, comments, feel free to contact our friendly customer service. They will answer your questions by email or chat.


Maybe you already have or want to create a fan page on Facebook for your business. If you’ve heard someone open an account and the post went viral the next day, keep in mind that Facebook doesn’t really work that way. To establish a brand. Requires a lot of followers. So how can a newcomer succeed?

To get the attention of many people as soon as possible and continue to deliver high quality and relevant content. Getting a large follower base is one thing, but maintaining it is another. Your followers need to visit your site frequently to see new things and possibly buy something.

When using Facebook for marketing, what many small and medium-sized businesses and large companies have recently understood is that it is important to get as many comments as possible from user posts. The problem is how to get these comments. We have a solution. Buy Facebook comments. This has already helped many others grow and control their niche.

Does it sound like what you want to achieve for your business? Of course it is. Millions of people who use Facebook every day can create the market they want for your product. The same is true for social influencers who want to increase their fans in search of fame. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should buy Facebook comments.


Many companies want to answer the concerns of their customers and potential customers in real time. When you buy Facebook comments, many users care about your post. When many people talk about your business, you get a certain image in your niche and people associate you with a particular brand.


The number of Facebook followers is important to reach as many people as possible. If your post has a lot of comments, you’ll want other Facebook users to join in and share your thoughts. Purchasing Facebook comments attracts more followers and ensures that you get a lot of attention every time you post.


This topic may seem simple to many, but some wonder where such comments come from. Is it complicated? That’s not true. It’s an easy way to search Google for sites that sell Facebook page like, comments and make a purchase. For example, Galaxy Marketing offers great comments at fair prices.

Facebook comments clearly show that you made an interesting post. As a result, more users will comment on your post, and as a result, your fan base will grow. Don’t forget it. Always post only interesting and high quality posts.