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Increase Facebook Profile Followers │ Personally use blogs effectively

On Facebook, it’s better to have more feed subscriptions than more friends.

Now it’s called feed subscriptions, but it looks like it’s going to change to follow. It looks like it’s
already changed!

If you click on the number of followers you are doing, you will see something like this.

There are various people, so recently, I am trying to follow back from one end. There are many people,

If you do this frequently, there is definitely a limit

to what you can follow in a day, and if you overdo it on a regular basis, there is a high possibility that your account will be deleted.

Since 2012, Twitter has become very strict about this part. The same thing will be related to Facebook in the future, and the balance between the number of friends and the number of followers will be very important, so be careful. You should keep it

It’s like blindly strangling yourself every time you follow unrelated people in order to increase your followers.

People who have power in Facebook have talked about the importance of feed subscriptions before, but individual businesses that do not have lists, etc. in e-mail newsletters, etc. have the same flow as popular people once. Trying to get more feed subscriptions isn’t that easy …

Blindly using, for example, a blog instead of thinking that increasing the number of followers in Facebook in order to go to change the credit and to provide information the theme you want to provide without a bra to trust the power to enhance our First internal content I think it’s better to put

From the attributes gathered from there, it is easier to increase the number of followers naturally . If you are an individual who runs Ameba Blog or a homepage, let’s do it.

For example, you can see it by looking at the bottom of this blog article.

You need the power to customize, but if you set up a feed subscription button, a few percent of the attributes you collect on your blog will sympathize with your theme and subscribe to the feed, more than 100 people in half a year. Will increase lightly

Until a while ago, there were only about 60 people, but if you post with a unified theme, you can collect it naturally, so don’t rely on tricks.

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Most people may want to increase it all at once, but do you become a follower without knowing who you are? I think blogs can turn that into credibility.

Changing from trust to trust can be changed faster if there is an e-mail newsletter etc.

Even if you increase the number of subscribers for some reason, it is even more important if you use it as a business,
and it doesn’t really make much sense to increase the number of interested people …

In order to gather only prospective customers, it is important to firmly express the parts that are difficult to express on Facebook on the blog and win the credit first.

This follower will not work unless you log in to Facebook and click the “Facebook Profile Followers” button. With this setting, if your post is followed, you can be a partner even if you are not a friend. It will also be displayed in the news feed of

Here is the difference in the quality of friends and followers, there are many cases where you apply for your own friends and become friends, but in the case of followers, the other party applies for you, so the intensity is different.

In other words, the number of friends in the future Facebook will not be any status, how good are the daily posts including the number of followers! Is it done? 8-10% is where you want to go!

By the way, you can also deny (off) the subscriber’s permission from the feed Facebook Profile Followers on your timeline, you can also use your smartphone. You can also set this subscriber to comment, not to comment, etc.