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What is LinkedIn?

First, LinkedIn is read as “linked in”.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is a business-oriented SMM, but more specifically, it is a business-specific SNS that is convenient for network construction, recruitment, and job changes.

Users can register their skills, careers, etc., receive scouts from companies that see them, and get opportunities for new business opportunities.

Of course, since it is possible to send information on SNS, it is also used by many users as a “business information gathering tool”.

Companies can use it for branding by searching for the personnel they want to scout and approaching them directly, or by enriching their own “company page”.

Since the service started in May 2003, the number of users has steadily increased, and in June 2016, it was acquired by Microsoft for a whopping 2 trillion yen in USAese yen for 26.2 billion dollars, and became a hot topic.

As of May 2020, it is said that the number of users in the world is 645 million, but the number of users in USA is about 2 million.

I have the impression that it is still widespread in USA, but in fact, it is overwhelmingly larger than the number of Twitter users (386 million, as of April 2020) in the world as a whole.

Steps to use

You can start using linkedin by following the steps below.

【Member registration】

Enter your name, email address, password, country or region of residence, etc.

Once entered, the account registration itself is complete.

It only takes a minute or so, it’s easy.

【Profile registration】

We will enhance your profile so that you can connect with more people and convey your information so that you will be attracted to it .

First, on this screen, enter the type of job and the name of the company you work for.

In addition, you can register various items such as work history, educational background, license / qualification, volunteer experience, skills, achievements, etc.

Registering a profile picture or describing your achievements in detail will increase the chances that it will be noticed by many people, so make your profile as complete as possible.

From the profile screen, you can check your profile level according to the amount of registration information.

It’s fun as the level goes up little by little!

Function introduction

LinkedIn has a lot of features.

The typical ones are as follows.

① Connection

You can search for and connect with colleagues and business partners.

It’s a function similar to “friends” on Facebook and “follow / followers” on Twitter and Instagram.

Not only connecting with colleagues and existing clients

Approach to new customer acquisition

Looking for a business partner

Recruitment activity

It can also be used for such purposes.

Many companies and universities have pages dedicated to their companies and schools on linkedin, so you can find and connect with people you care about.

② Contact

Members in your network are called “contacts”.

Contacts are categorized as follows, and each possible action is determined.

Primary contact

A user who has a direct connection with the connection request sent by either you or the other party.

You can send messages to each other and get in touch directly.

Secondary contact

A user who has a connection with the user of the primary contact.

Click the “Apply for Connection” button from your profile page

Get in touch with Inmail (more on this later)

It is possible to send a connection request by either of.

Tertiary contact

A user who has a connection with the user of the secondary contact.

It’s a friend of a friend of a friend. Lol

Send a connection request (only possible if full name is displayed)

Get in touch using Inmail

You can contact by either.


InMail is a feature that allows you to send messages directly to unconnected linkedin members.

However, this function cannot be used with a Basic account (free), and a Premium account (paid) must be registered in order to use it.

The following four plans are available for your Premium account.

Job hunting and working (Premium Career)

Premium Business

Sales (Sales Navigator)

Adopt (Recruiter Lite)

The cost is about 30 to 120 dollars, so it ‘s ok … Also, depending on the plan, the functions such as the number of times Inmail can be sent will differ.

Choose the plan you need according to your purpose.

There is also a free trial, so please take advantage of it.

How to use linkedin-Tips for mastering-

① Update information regularly

If your profile or post stopped a few years ago, it wouldn’t be very impressive.

Work, industry, hot news …

anything is fine, so keep up to date and share.

② Set a face photo suitable for business in your profile

Even if you receive a “connection application” from a stranger, if you have a solid profile picture, you will get the impression of “sincerity” and “security”.

In addition, LinkedIn Followers has a function to display “profile photo”, “company name”, and “job type” information as “recommended users”.

In other words, it is more likely that you will be able to see it if you have set a proper face photo.

In addition, linkedin is a “business-specific SNS”, so photos that enhance your personal life are not suitable.

Consider the impression you want to give to the other person in business, and set the appropriate photo.

③ Post self-introduction in English

It’s easy to understand if you use it, but LinkedIn has many accounts of overseas users and foreign-affiliated companies.

This means that English-speaking people will also see your profile.

Even simple content is fine, so if you include self-introduction in English, you will be able to approach more people.

LinkedIn in USA

As mentioned above, LinkedIn has not penetrated in the USA on a global scale.

However, in fact, promotion is also being carried out by the president and prime minister of a famous USA company.

Some posts have been viewed 60,000 times, but it is still unlikely that the number of users will increase explosively.

There are two main reasons for this.

The culture of changing jobs in step-up has not taken root

Especially in the younger generation in the United States, there is a recognition that “changing jobs = a natural act for stepping up”.

On the other hand, in Japan, the idea of ​​lifetime employment and seniority still remains, and it is a fact that many people stay in one organization.

LinkedIn is often used to change jobs, so many people may not feel it is necessary in Japan.

5-2: Light connections on SNS in business are not established

It may be said that it is a cultural difference.

There are the following differences in general “business connections” between Japan and overseas.

USA: Business card exchange on paper

Overseas: Business card exchange + continuous contact on Buy LinkedIn Followers

Certainly, if you use the overseas method, you can easily exchange business cards even after exchanging business cards.

Also, overseas, it is common to connect only online, but there is no such culture in Japan.

Recommended for people like this!

LinkedIn may take some time to settle in Japan, but it’s not unsuitable for everyone.

This is a tool that we would like you to use if you fall under any of the following.

① I am changing jobs

As I’ve introduced so far, linkedin is perfect for building networks.

In addition to finding a business partner from yourself, there are times when an approach comes from a company that wants to scout human resources.

It seems that some people have made a step up, such as meeting a private job offer or having a scout with good conditions.

There is a high possibility that you will be able to change jobs, so I definitely want to make effective use of it.

② I want to build a network with overseas people and companies

Since there are many overseas users, it is much more than having offline exchanges in Japan, and you can connect with people who work overseas.

There are many cases where things that were popular overseas will become popular in Japan a few years later, so it seems that they can be used as an information-gathering tool to quickly incorporate advanced culture.

③ I want to connect with a famous expert

Most of the world-famous businessmen have Buy LinkedIn Followers.

LinkedIn allows you to send comments directly to their posts, and sometimes you may get a reply.

If you join a group, you can exchange information within it, so you will get useful information.


This time, I introduced the basic functions of LinkedIn Followers and tips on how to use it.

There is a great possibility that domestic usage will become more active in the future, so I would like to master it from now on.

There are many useful functions, so please make effective use of them for your own business.