Supercomputers are used to run stock exchanges

Supercomputers are used to run stock exchanges because a stock exchange has billions of data entries and needs to tackle the massive bulk of inquiries to be done in mili seconds so that a supercomputer performs that sort of job.

Investors have a strong interest in stock exchange because one error will lead to even more people being killed so people would want to invest if they learn something.

Computer Shop Dubai. This is the time of technology when the hospitals are being built and man is known to evolve tremendously with the aid of computers now it is possible to track patients with computer machine safety tests and record.

Get patient outcomes from the computer. Software now has a full solution for your life procedure, body parts, bone fractions testing and many more items are performed by machine.

Doctors determine what male or female baby will carry when a pregnant woman is using the computer program. Technology makes our lives simpler, and with the aid of a machine, our world is better than ever.

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