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Tom Hardy Biography, Wiki, Photo, Age, Height, Images, Wife, Net Worth, Movies List

Tom Hardy is a British theater and film actor, producer and screenwriter. Known to the audience by his participation in Hollywood films. He gained popularity after the film “The Revenant” “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Today our topic is Tom Hardy Biography, Wiki, Photo, Age, Height, Images, Wife, Net Worth, Movies List.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy was born in September, 1977 in Hammer Smith, the western part of the London district, and was the only child in the Catholic family of Anne and Edward (Chips) Hardy. Soon the family moved to East Shin, a cozy bohemian district of London near the Thames, the favorite place of the creative elite, writers and actors.

Name: Tom Hard
Born: September 15, 1977
Age: 41 years old
Birthplace: London,UK
Height: 175
Occupation: British theater and cinema actor
Relationship Status: Married to Charlotte Riley

Movies List Of Tom Hardy

1 Black Hawk Down
2 Deserter
3 Star Trek: Nemesis
4 The Reckoning
5 Dot the i
6 LD 50 Lethal Dose
8 Layer Cake
9 Marie Antoinette
10 Minotaur
11 Scenes of a Sexual Nature
14The Inheritance
15Sucker Punch
18Thick As Thieves
21Sergeant Slaughter
22Tinker Tailor
24This Means War
25The Dark Knight Rises
28The Drop
29Child 44
30Mad Max: Fury Road
31London Road
33The Revenant

What Is The Net Worth Of Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy Net Worth: Tom Hardy is an actor who has a net worth of $30 million dollars. That is enough for any person. Tom Hardy best actor of the previous year and hope make a adventure movies in the future.

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  2. Love Tom Hardy he is the best actor, he can do anything. He seems to be slowing down which we miss him but is good for him he needs a life too I hope he does Taboo and gets 007 but we’ll see still my favorite guy in the movies . Hope to see him soon if he doesn’t do Taboo we’ll all cry

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